Abstract Submission Deadline: COB October 7th.

Abstract Preparation Guidelines
  • Abstracts should be typed in to the above template, all of the formatting information you require can be found within the template.
  • The filename of the document should follow “LastName_first five words of the title”.
  • All abstracts must be original work.
  • The abstract must contain sufficient information and data to support any conclusions so that it conveys a complete account of the work completed.
  • Upon submission of an abstract all authors of the abstract must be aware and agree to the submission.
  • Please check your abstract carefully as once it is submitted, no further changes will be possible.
  • Please submit all abstracts to Rhiannon.Louis@health.nsw.gov.au

Selection Criteria and Abstract Acceptance

Abstract selection is based on several factors including; significance, relevance, scientific rigour, supporting data, innovation and usefulness. The scientific committee has the right to refuse or accept any submission, you will be contacted by email to let you know the outcome of your submission, dates for when this will occur are still being finalised.

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