MRI for Radiotherapy Book

Gary Liney, the lead physicist working on the MRI-Linac at the Ingham Institute has been working along side Uulke van der Heide from the Netherlands Cancer Institute In Amsterdam, to develop this book.
This book provides both a physics and a clinical perspective on the application of MRI in radiotherapy. It Explains the value of MRI at all treatment stages, from planning and delivery to assessment of response, and it covers the latest technological developments, such as MRI-Linacs, and future proton-guided systems.
The book will be available from July 8th, 2019. But is available for pre-order from the Springer website.

Other Publications

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US Patent

  • ‘Radio-frequency coil for simultaneous imaging and dosimetry on an MRI-Linac’, Gary Liney and Bin Dong , Patent No. 10391335.
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